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In a county, the size of Union County, Arkansas, arrest warrants search options are diverse, from internet search options to county website searches for arrest warrants and arrest records. These are usually classified as public court records. Many people choose to search for active warrants against a name when considering hiring, renting to, lending to, or leasing to a person these days. More people have outstanding warrants than ever before, with several thousand warrants being issued, maintained, pending, or served each year based on many types of court dockets.

Some Union County warrant search ideas are based on your own name, especially if you think that the Clerk of Court has contacted you regarding a court date and you have missed that date. Others are afraid that they are among the Most Wanted criminals in the state or nation, and they search to see whether they are correct about a warrant being out for their arrest. However, many people do not realize that an arrest warrants search can also be conducted for other people in Union County or the state of AR (and nationwide for that matter), so long as you know the person’s last name. A first name is also helpful for those looking for someone specific, such as the situations mentioned above, but it is not required.

You can contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office without having access to the internet by writing or calling their office at the contact information given below. They can direct you to lawyers, court-appointed or available to retain at your own expense, who specialize in a variety of charges, from felonies to misdemeanors. These attorneys can give you information regarding your options in many different situations, and dozens offer free consultations even if you think that the charges are criminal-based or you are not a first-time offender.

Union County Sheriff’s Office

250 American Road

El Dorado, AR 71730

Front Office / General Information870-864-1970

Who can assist you with a warrant search and arrests inquiry in Union County over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 870-864-1970 for incident/accident/arrest records.
  • Call the Union County jail at 870-864-1957 for information on recent arrests
  • Call the District Court at 870-864-1950 for information on outstanding warrants
  • Contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 870-863-8762 for crime victim’s help
  • Contact the Clerk of Court at 870-864-1940 for starting a criminal case search,

Crime statistics of Union County

Almost 333 criminal complaints were filed by the Union Sheriff’s Department in 2019, compared to the 329 crimes reported in 2018. The figure included 273 property offenses and 60 crimes against people. The following crimes were reported:

  • 174 larceny-thefts
  • 76 burglaries
  • 23 motor vehicle thefts
  • 52 aggravated assaults
  • 2 rapes, and
  • 3 robberies