About Me

ArkansasSometimes, you simply lose contact with a relative or a friend as people get busy with their personal and professional lives and often there is the desire to reconnect with such individuals. At other times, getting answers pertaining the present state and location of a man/woman turns into an extremely important issue, with legal and financial ramifications. Regardless of why you want somebody found, I can get you the information you need.

I am a private investigator who has spent 25 plus years locating people for law enforcement as well as private clients. For years now, I have helped the police by locating suspects who have fled from town after bail and most wanted criminals.

Likewise, I have helped people by getting them information on their friends and family and even their ancestors, including the genetic illnesses that had afflicted their dead and living relatives. Creating hereditary links and family trees is something that I do for individuals as well as genealogy researchers.

I have worked with genealogy research centers in Florida (Cushing Forensic Genealogy), Arizona (Locator Ltd) and Canada (International Genealogy Research). I have also worked with the police department of Denton, TX. Moreover, I frequently take cases for bail bond agents in Florida and Texas.

On the commercial side, I have accepted cases from legal offices, realty agents, vehicle repossession firms and others. Each time, the investigation centered on finding a particular person, but the reasons for the locates differed widely. For instance:

  • I located people who had skipped town after bail for the police and bail bond agencies but for car repossession agents, I located individuals who had left town after buying a car on loan.
  • Similarly for lawyers, I have found people who owed money like spouse and child support defaulters as well as people who would benefit from being found like heirs to an estate.
  • For individuals, I have found people just because they wanted to re-establish contact with a distant cousin or an old friend but for realtors, I have found people who owned a specific property in the past and did not pay taxes on it.
  • Along the same lines, I also do locates for the Unclaimed Peron’s Network. But for them, I find the next of kin of decedents, so that the mortal remains of the deceased can receive proper last rites.

As you can see, I have handled a vast variety of cases. So, if you want me to work on a case, you can be sure that you will get the most accurate and current information on your subject.

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