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Pursuant to Rule 7.1 of the Criminal Code of Arkansas, arrest warrants can be issued when an affidavit has been filed against an individual which contains information on the recorded testimony of witnesses and evidence gathered that points to the culpability of the suspect in the criminal act defined. The sitting magistrate who has the authority to accept or deny the request for an active warrant will only sign the directive when there is clear probable cause linking the accused to the criminal act he is said to have committed.

Very few experiences can be as harrowing and unsettling as being taken into custody on criminal charges. In fact, most people who are detained by the police or who stand the risk of being taken into custody are bound to have innumerable questions on the processing of adult offenders in Arkansas and the laws that are laid out to protect people who have yet to be proven guilty in the court of law.

The Arkansas Crime Information Center or ACIC is the state entity that is in charge of providing technical and database services to criminal justice and law enforcement offices in the state. However, the principal role of the department is the maintenance of the comprehensive repository of criminal history data that can be accessed by justice agencies in 250 locations across the state.

The court system has been laid down in Article 7 of the Arkansas Constitution which divides the judicial makeup into 5 levels. At the top of the legal pyramid is the Supreme Court of the State while the Court of Appeals stands at the next rung and is a revisionary tribunal. On the lower levels in this order are the circuit courts, the district courts and the city tribunals.

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States places restrictions of the ability of law enforcement agents to make arrests, search people and seize properties. In fact, these limitations form the bed rock of the search and seizure laws of all states in the country. Here is a description of AR active warrants in view of these restrictions.