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Active warrants are issued only when the judge can be convinced that there is irrefutable proof against the accused. This is one reason why an arrest warrant search from Sevier County is a conclusive option to find out about the criminal wrongdoings in the past of a person. It should be noted that, unlike other judicial directives, AR outstanding warrants have no restriction imposed on them.

Arrests can be made at any place, during the day or at night, and even from the home or office of the accused. Add to this the fact that active warrants are free from the limitations of expiry, meaning they do not go out of effect, and it is easy to understand why these orders instill a sense of fear and dread in the hearts of criminals across the country.

The magistrate is the issuing authority for active warrants from Sevier County. The police are in charge of serving the orders by detaining the accused. The county clerk’s office has the job of maintaining records about the release of these decrees, their execution, and Sevier’s arrest records that go with these orders.

So, when you want to look for crime history data, you can go to any three agencies. In most scenarios, the clerk of the court’s department can offer the maximum information in response to a query because they hold the court dockets repository that contains details about civil as well as criminal cases. The offices of these departments are located at:

  • The office of the sheriff: 137 Robinson Road, De Queen, Arkansas 71832
  • The court of the magistrate: 115 N 3rd St, De Queen, AR 71832
  • The department of the county clerk: Given above

If you want to know about Sevier County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update)              

  • For information on recent arrests, call the Sevier County Jail at 870-642-2125
  • To request information on arrest warrants, connect with District Court at 870-584-7311.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 870-845-5030.
  • For information on initiating a criminal case search, call the Clerk of Court at 870-584-3055.

Crime statistics of Sevier County

Sevier County’s total crime rate decreased from 122 incidents in 2018 to roughly 114 complaints in 2019. Approximately 26 of these incidents were crimes against persons, while property offenses accounted for the remaining 88 complaints.

Older crime statistics

The police of Sevier County, Arkansas, handle at least 350 complaints every year, and about 11% of these are about violent criminal misdeeds. From 2001 onwards, there was a rise in the rates of violent as well as reported crime. Both these crime categories showed a growth of around 70%.