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You don’t need a legal professional or an attorney to have an arrest record search carried out on someone in Conway County, AR. Active warrants and arrest history are available to everyone via the Freedom of Information Act that was implemented to keep citizens informed about things that are going on within their government.
You can begin by visiting Conway County’s police department website for Conway County arrest warrants here at You can send an email or place a phone call to the officer, secretary, and the lieutenant of warrants to inquire about outstanding or active warrants on a particular person. You can also visit the police department located at 1105 Prairie Street Conway, Arkansas 72032, for copies of arrest records.
Since arrest warrants in Conway County are issued by the local judge and sometimes the Clerk of Court, you can visit the courthouse to access court dockets or case files. The Clerk of Court is located at 115 South Moose Street AR, 72210, and their office is open during the weekday. You can access court dockets via the county’s website at
When using this website, you will need the correct spelling of the individual’s name. Court dockets can reveal the statements of witnesses, jurors, and other parties involved in a specific case. For a small fee, you’ll also be able to acquire copies of these records.
Between 2001 to 2008, nearly three thousand crimes were reported to law enforcement agencies in the county. Out of those three thousand crimes, one hundred and thirty of them were violent. Based on this data, an estimated three hundred crimes occur each year in Conway County. In more recent times, crime has risen almost by seventy percent. The number of violent crimes committed and reported has risen to over eighty-one percent, causing a significant and disturbing increase in crime rates.

Who should you be calling for details about Conway County warrants and recent arrests? (Updated in 2021)            

  • Call the Conway County Jail for information on arrests and inmates: 501-354-9627.
  • Contact the Conway County Sheriff’s Office for police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records: 501-354-2411.
  • Contact Victim’s Services to get help for victims and witnesses: 479-495-4558.
  • Contact the District for information on arrest warrants: 501-354-9615/501-354-6400.
  • Call the Clerk of Court for a case search: 501-354-9617.

Crime statistics of Conway County

In 2019, the Conway Sheriff’s Office received 280 criminal complaints, compared to the 327 instances reported in 2018. There were 234 property offenses and 46 violent crimes among the total.

Around 164 larceny-thefts, 43 burglaries, and 27 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offenses. Nearly 30 aggravated assaults, 13 rapes, and 1 robbery were included in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics