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Not all outstanding warrants in Boone County, Arkansas, are due to felonies, and performing an arrest warrants search can tell you more about the reason for the warrant. Warrants are not indications of the severity of the crime but rather the result of court dockets, unpaid fines, law enforcement suspicion or desire for questioning, and many other things. Arrest records searches and warrant searches are entirely different, though, and can lead to a variety of information about a specific person based on court records information available to the public.

Arrest warrants are issued by Boone County law enforcement officers locally, but they can also be issued by the State of Arkansas, the federal court system, and others depending on the situation. Arrest records offer information about someone who has already been arrested. However, they may not yet have been tried, which would normally mean that active warrants have been satisfied for the potential defendant. The Clerk of Court would have more information about arrest warrants for a specific person, but not all information is available to the public.

More than 2,500 active arrest warrants are available online through the Boone County Sheriff’s Office website, including Most Wanted information and much more. It can be as simple as child support obligations or probation violation, a misdemeanor such as a failure to appear in court charge, or other minor offenses. Having active arrest warrants does not mean that it is a felony, but it should be taken seriously and dealt with rather than hiding from law enforcement. Contact the Boone County courthouse, visit an official State of AR website, or call an area attorney’s office for more information about performing an arrest warrant search before it is too late to settle the matter easily and as painlessly as possible.