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To get a Dallas County arrest warrant search done, you can go to the sheriff’s office or the clerk of court. Of course, visiting the magistrate’s office, which is the entity that issues all judicial directives, is also an option. In fact, each agency will offer supplemental data that adds value to the prospect of launching an inquiry through them over the regular details on AR outstanding warrants and arrest records.

For example, if you were to approach the local law enforcement office for your warrant search, you can find information on the criminal infractions of the subject, including arrests, any outstanding warrants that have not been served up till that point, and even court disposition of the case. Apart from this, there is also a lot of generic information up for grabs, such as the most wanted list and crime statistics for the region.

Similarly, if you go to the judge’s office, you can find information on all sorts of judicial decrees, including active warrants, search orders, bench warrants, and criminal summons. The county clerk’s office can furnish details from the criminal courts, and the department possesses court dockets from civil tribunals. So, to launch your inquiry pertaining to arrests and warrants, you can go to:

  • The police department: PO Box 689, 106 S Charlotte Street, Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
  • The judiciary: 206 W 3rd St, Fordyce, AR 71742
  • The clerk of court: 208 West Third, Ford Wyche, Arkansas 71742

Is it possible to get information on County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Call the Dallas County Jail if you are interested in an inmate search or details of recent arrests: 870-352-2002
  • Call the District Court if you are keen on a warrant search: 870-352-7105/870-678-2255.
  • Call the Clerk of Court if you are interested in a case search: 870-352-2307.
  • Call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office if you are interested in victim’s assistance:870-836-6444.


The sheriff’s office of Dallas County, Arkansas, receives almost 300 complaints per annum, of which about 15% are filed in violent criminal matters. Also, half of these incidents occur when the victim is close to his home or office. Fortunately, there has been a decrease of almost 65% in violent crimes and 20% in reported crime in recent years.