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There are a myriad of options available for conducting an arrest warrant search in Cleveland County, AR. Among your choices are various state departments as well as private agencies that collect data on arrest records and outstanding warrants from all parts of the country. However, before you take your pick, it should be noted that formal purposes like employment do call for the use of the services of an official state agency.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires companies that ask for background reports to furnish the results of the inquiry to the candidate and tell them about the agency that provided the information if it has had an impact on their chances of getting the job. Also, you will need a notarized background report for other official purposes like adoption and immigration.

On the other hand, often searches for Cleveland County active warrants and arrest records are launched to find crime history data on personal and professional acquaintances. For this, you can connect with a third party agency. The advantage of going with such services is that you will be able to find out about all arrest warrant issued across the country.

Also, the fact that you will be able to conduct the inquiry online is another plus. To use the services of a reliable private information vendor, use the form given on this page. If approaching a state agency for information on arrests and warrants better suits your requirement, go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: Cleveland Co Crthse, Rison, Arkansas 71665
  • The magistrate’s court: 20 Magnolia St, Rison, AR 71665
  • The county clerk’s office: 115 Mooose Street, Morilton, Arkansas 72110

Cleveland County, Arkansas has an annual average crime rate of about 130 incidents. Of the criminal activity reported, only about 4% of the cases are connected to violent acts. The remaining instances of crime are property related. On the whole, there has been a deterioration in the crime situation of the area with a growth of 24% observed in reported crimes.