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Crime is an unfortunate part of our culture. However, rather than ignore its presence, we must be aware of what is going on in a community and know how to obtain information about crimes and arrests. One of the many vital tools in the criminal law system in Arkansas is arrest warrants. Knowing how to efficiently undertake an arrest warrant search for Jackson County, AK, and other counties in the state can save a substantial amount of time and money.

The center of law enforcement for Jackson County is the Jackson County Sheriff. The sergeants and deputies within the office handle complaints and enforce both the laws of Arkansas and those of Jackson County. They assist other law enforcement agencies with Jackson County and beyond the county lines. Beyond responding to calls for assistance, the deputies in the sheriff’s handle warrants.

The Jackson County Sheriff provides some interesting historical information about sheriffs and their duties. Throughout history, both in the U.S. and England, sheriffs maintained law and order. According to the Jackson Sheriff’s site:

The Office of the Sheriff is the oldest law enforcement office known within the common law system. The Office of the Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement office in the county. Today, with some variations from state to state, the duties of the Office of the Sheriff have remained consistent.

These days, the sheriff makes use of modern technology. This means that people searching for information on Jackson County outstanding search warrants, arrest records or criminal backgrounds have that technology working for them also. People used to contact the sheriff via email (there used to be an email submission form available on the sheriff’s site). However, the site is temporarily undergoing maintenance and will be back up online soon. For those seeking general information, answers used to be found on the sheriff’s general website, https://www.jacksonsheriff.org/, once it’s back online. The phone number for the Jackson County, AR, Sheriff is 870-523-5842, and the office is located at 615 Second Street, Newport, Arkansas, 72112. For information on active warrants, start with the criminal investigation division.

Often, a search for outstanding warrants is tied to a specific crime or a specific suspect. The sheriff’s site has a link to the Jackson County Most Wanted List. However, before accessing the list, users must accept a disclaimer stating that the county is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Users should carefully evaluate the information on the site. Once users arrive at the most wanted list, wanted individuals are listed by name and arrest date, and a photo is included with each listing.

Jackson County, AR, has a population of about 17,000 people. Some of the people living in Jackson County may have active warrants out against them or may have arrest records associated with one of the almost 4,000 crimes reported in Jackson County from 2001 through 2008. Each year, there are 5 homicides and almost 50 rapes, on average, in Jackson County. Just as there are “most wanted” individuals, there are likely, at any given time, outstanding warrants for arrests of various people involved in crimes in the area.

If you want to know about Jackson County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update) 

  • The District Court: Call 870-523-9555/870-485-2662 for information on arrest warrants
  • The Jackson County Jail: Call 870-523-5842 for inquiries about recent arrests
  • The Victim’s Advocate: Call 870-523-6761 to get details on assistance for victims and witnesses
  • The Clerk of Circuit Court: Call 870-523-7423 for information on accessing judicial records

Crime statistics of Jackson County

Almost 165 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Department of Jackson County in 2019. Of the complaints lodged, around 119 were against property crimes. This category include 80 cases of larceny-theft, 10 cases of burglary and 29 cases of motor vehicle theft. The complaints against violent crimes were attributed to 37 instances of aggravated assault, 6 rapes and 1 robbery.

Older crime statistics