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Although Clay County arrest warrant searches cannot be performed online through state agencies, you can approach a private entity and have them handle the inquiry for you through the internet. As far as AR government agencies are concerned, they offer generic information like crime statistics for the area, arrest records, and sex offender details through their websites.

However, you cannot find details on Clay County outstanding warrants through these agencies. In fact, even visiting them in person would be futile because many agencies restrict themselves to only offering information on cases that have culminated in a guilty verdict. This means that details on ongoing matters and active warrants that have yet to be served will stay out of your reach.

Once again, where state agencies fail to meet the expectations of the community, private information sellers deliver quick results. You will find a form on top of this page which can be used to connect with a third-party database operator. The repository linked to the site has details on arrest warrants and records from all over the country.

You will be asked to pay a small fee for the services offered, but that is also the case with state departments. The difference here is that private agencies will charge you a lump sum amount for any number of searches, while government sources will expect you to pay for every search conducted. To connect with government departments for your inquiry on warrants and arrests, go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 268 S 2nd, Piggott, Arkansas 72454
  • The court of the magistrate: 800 SW 2nd St, Corning, AR 72422
  • The department of the county clerk: 151 South Second Avenue, Piggott, Arkansas 72454

Is it possible to acquire information from County on recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • Information about recent arrests- (870-598-2270 (Clay County Jail).
  • Information on accessing arrest records and police reports- 870- 598-3156 (Sheriff’s Office).
  • Information on arrest warrants- 870-857-0115/870-598-2265 (District Court).
  • Information on criminal court records- 870-598-2524/870-857-3271 (Clerk of Court).
  • Information on victim’s assistance- 870-972-4779 (Prosecuting Attorney).

Crime statistics of Clay County

In 2018, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office handled 60 criminal complaints. Of these, 53 of the reports were for property offenses, while 7 were for violent crimes. Larceny-theft had the greatest occurrence rate among property crimes, with nearly 34 instances filed. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults brought in the highest number of complaints, at 4 cases.

Older crime statistics

Approximately 150 crimes transpire in Clay County, Arkansas, every year. Of these incidents, less than 20 are violent acts. Typically less than 2 homicides occur in the area every year. In fact, the rate of murders is quite low at just 2 cases in the eight years between 2001 and 2008. As opposed to this, rapes clock in an incident rate of 2 cases per annum while almost 14 complaints are filed against assaults.