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Sometimes you really need to dig to find answers. Such is the case with a Fulton County arrest warrant search.

According to the Association of Arkansas Counties, a county sheriff has three major responsibilities. A county sheriff must keep the peace in his or her jurisdiction. The sheriff protects the residents of the county and their property and investigates crimes in the jurisdiction. They also make arrests, both pursuant to an outstanding warrant and in the apprehension of a criminal in the commission of a crime.

An Arkansas county sheriff must also be the court’s enforcement officer. As such, a sheriff must serve summonses, execute arrest warrants issued by the court, and enforce the court’s judgments and order. The sheriff also oversees witnesses for court hearings along with handling any prisoners in custody after their arrests.

Lastly, the county sheriff has “custody” of the county jail. The sheriff has the responsibility to keep accused criminals incarcerated in the county. The sheriff must keep records of the comings and goings of prisoners and any bail matters. The county jail holds mostly accused felons but also has some inmates with arrests for misdemeanors.

Under the Arkansas Constitution, the county sheriff also is the county tax collector. However, it is unlikely that an arrest record search or active warrant inquiry would involve this part of the sheriff’s office’s responsibilities. The main number for the Fulton County, AR sheriff is 870-895-2601. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is located at 114 W. Locust in Salem, Arkansas.

The Fulton County Sheriff does have a website, http://www.fultoncountyso.org/. However, it appears to still be “under construction,” and the few links that do work direct users to the sheriff’s Facebook page or the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) Sex Offender Registry. You may find some helpful information on arrests made in Fulton County on the sheriff’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/FultonCountySheriffsOffice. There is not a lot of crime in Fulton County, but from 2001 to 2008, over six hundred crimes took place in the county, almost fifty of which were violent. By contacting the sheriff’s office and their Facebook page, you may get leads on information on crimes, arrest records, and warrants.

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Fulton County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)    

  • For arrest records, and collision records, connect with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office- 870-895-2601.
  • For Fulton County warrants data, call the District Courts- 870-625-7516/870-895-4136.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Prosecuting Attorney- 870-793-8825.
  • For court records, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court- 870-895-3310.

Crime statistics of Fulton County

The Fulton Sheriff’s Office received 80 criminal complaints in 2019, as opposed to the 85 cases reported in 2018. These included 51 non-person crimes and 29 violent crimes.

The non-person crimes category included 45 larceny-thefts, 0 burglaries, and 6 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 26 aggravated assaults, and 3 rapes.

Older crime statistics