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Polk County is one of Arkansas’ seventy-five counties.Within the county, there are a number of elected officials who may be of great assistance in completing a Polk County arrest warrant search.Specifically, the elected positions of county judge, county clerk and the county sheriff all would appear to be connected with any inquiries into active warrants and executed arrest warrants.

As it turns out, the Polk County judge has little direct input on warrant searches and arrests. In the state of Arkansas, a county judge is actually more like a county executive. The Polk County judge is in charge of the county government, and, of course, other elected county officials fall under the judge’s management, such as the sheriff.

The Polk County Sheriff enforces the laws of Arkansas and serves various legal documents and orders, including warrants. The sheriff also heads the county jail. Because of their active involvement with Polk County AR criminal arrests, they also are a reliable source as to the status of an outstanding warrant. Each year, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office deals with over 250 crimes, mostly thefts, although there are a few more violent crimes reported each year.

The Circuit Clerk keeps records of all the lawsuits and legal proceedings in the circuit court. The circuit court handles all of the civil, criminal, and juvenile cases in Polk County and plays a large role in issuing arrest warrants and handling the aftermath of arrests. There is also a district court in Polk County, AR, which handles legal matters involving lesser misdemeanor offenses, traffic citations, and small claims cases.

For information on arrest records and criminal background histories, the Arkansas State Police Criminal Background Check System provides a wealth of useful data. However, to use the State Police website (https://www.ark.org/criminal/index.php), the requesting party must have the written and signed consent of the individual who is the subject of the search. Additionally, to access online records which may divulge arrests and arrest records, searchers need an Information Network of Arkansas (INA) account. Otherwise, background check requests must be mailed to the state police along with payment for the search, typically $25.00.