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Do you or someone you’re close to have a reason to believe that there may be an active warrant for your arrest in St. Francis County, Arkansas? It’s important to find out that information as soon as possible to rectify that situation. An outstanding arrest warrant allows police officials to arrest you on suspicion of a crime at any location and possibly detain you in the county jail. Once incarcerated, you will likely have to post bail to be released.

Make things easier for yourself and avoid being caught off guard and arrested at your workplace or in your home by proactively searching for arrest warrants in your name. There are several different ways you can obtain this information. In St. Francis County, AR, once a warrant for your arrest is issued, it’s immediately stored indefinitely in a database that’s accessible to surrounding counties and the public. You can find these records by performing a simple online warrant search at the county’s official website

Another option for searching for arrest warrants in St. Francis County is to call the local Sheriff’s Office at (870) 633-2611. This line is open 24 hours. You’ll be able to find out the charges you are being faced, the bail amount, and the court or judge that issued it. The Sheriff or clerk on duty will direct you on how to take care of an active warrant and help make reasonable accommodations for you to satisfy that warrant within the law and police department policies’ boundaries. Misdemeanor arrest warrants must be resolved as soon as possible. You should bear in mind that Felony outstanding warrants are extraditable anywhere in the country.

Over the span of eight years, nearly 200,000,000 crimes were reported to authorities, and 135,000 of those crimes were violent. Crime has risen by almost 17%.