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Do you need to find some background information on an acquaintance? Well, searching for arrest records and outstanding warrants in Cleburne County Arkansas is a fairly easy task. The Freedom of Information Act passed in 1966 requires by law that all state level records, which includes information on arrest warrants, are made available to the public to increase the level of transparency in AR. Such information is now readily available to those in the community and can even be accessed through the internet via various sources.
Although, there are no official online sources for available for obtaining accurate arrest records, there are several reputable resources you can make use of.
Cleburne County Clerk
3001 West Main Street
Herber Springs, Arkansas 72543
Cleburne Circuit Clerk
Ms. Karen GilesP.O. Box 543Heber Springs, AR 72543
District Clerk 102 East Main Street Heber Springs, AR 72543Telephone: 501-362-6585
You can also visit your local county jail to inquire about someone’s arrest history. The arrest records will indicate the date the arrest was made and what illegal act the suspect was accused of.
Upon conducting a warrant search to locate active warrants or looking for arrest records for someone in Cleburne, AR you will need both his / her first and last name. You can also find out whether someone has been in jail by performing an inmate inquiry. To conduct an inmate inquiry search you will need the following information:
  • The person’s full name
  • An approximate date of booking
  • Their exact date of birth
  • An inmate id if you happen to have one
Between 2002 and 2008 only 3,000 crimes were reported to officials. Out of those report crimes 400 of them were violent. On average, every twenty hours someone becomes a victim to some type of crime. In more recent years, crime has risen by a hefty 99%.