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The Cross County, AR sheriff, maintains a terrific website that provides loads of information. Should you to do an arrest warrant search for Cross County, AR, or if you need data on arrest records, the first (and possibly only) place to look is the Cross County Sheriff website at you cannot contact them via their website, their phone number is 870-238-5700, and their address is 704 East Canal Street, Wynne, AR, 72396


If it is outstanding warrant information you seek, on the Cross County sheriff’s website homepage, look to the top right of the screen and click on “Warrants.”You will come to a page requiring you to accept a disclaimer statement that basically provides that:

  1. The data on the site is provided as a service for users.
  2. The sheriff does not guarantee any information on the list.
  3. Users should not rely upon the list for any reason.
  4. The sheriff and its employees are not liable for anything that occurs due to the use of information from the list.

Once you accept the terms, you can access a list of active warrants in Cross County, Arkansas, that can be sorted by date or alphabetically by name. Each warrant entry contains the individual’s name, age, the date of the warrant, and the charges against the individual.


Law enforcement in Cross County deals with over 450 crimes each year, including, on average, about four homicides and almost forty rapes. To find out if someone is incarcerated, the Cross County Sheriff also posts a roster of inmates held at the county jail. If you go to‎, you may access lists of inmates held at the prison in addition to inmates released within the past two days. Please note, however, that there is also a disclaimer on the prison roster page with language very similar to that of the warrants page and that all information on the page should be used judiciously.

Will state agencies provide arrest records or information on warrants issued in Cross County over the phone? (Updated-2021)         

  • Take your inquiries pertaining to inmate search and recent arrests to the Cross County Jail- 870-238-5784.
  • Take your requests for police reports, such as arrest records to the Sheriff’s Office- 870-238-5700.
  • Take your warrant search request to the Cross County District Court- 870-238-9171/870-755-5491/870-588-3366.
  • Take your inquiries pertaining to judicial records to the Clerk of Court- 870-238-5720.
  • Take your questions about victim’s assistance to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office- 870- 261-1747.

Crime statistics of Cross County

Around 131 cases of property crimes and 33 cases of violent crimes were investigated by Cross County Police in 2018. The annual crime average was 164 incidents and it included 3 cases of rape, 30 cases of serious assault, 23 burglaries, 97 larceny-theft reports, and 11 motor vehicle thefts.

Older crime statistics