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Law enforcement officials and business managers in Crittenden County, Arkansas, use arrest warrants search information in a variety of ways. This important information about arrest warrants is usually available as a matter of public court records and can be located by more than just government and business officials. Anyone with access to the Internet can perform an active warrants search in Crittenden County by accessing websites that offer public records information. Make sure that a reliable warrant search website is chosen, such as one provided by Crittenden County law enforcement or an official Arkansas state-affiliated website.

It is important to use this information wisely, such as performing a background check on a potential renter or borrower before selling a vehicle or expensive merchandise, before agreeing to cosign or sublet, prior to a first date hiring someone. It can make a huge difference to understand a person’s past, search for active warrants, or to review one’s own personal information before making a career purchasing, living, or marriage decision, instead of regretting the lack of foresight later.

Outstanding warrants are often the result of an ongoing investigation, felony-related or misdemeanors, but can also be due to other court dockets. For instance, someone who owes a significant amount of back child support may have a warrant out against him/her.

If you are concerned about whether you or someone you care about has an outstanding warrant in Crittenden County, contact the Clerk of Court or a similar government office if no internet access is available. Arrest records are serious, and instead of becoming one of Arkansas’ Most Wanted, it is smart to work with law enforcement officials whenever possible. To contact the Crittenden County Court Clerk, call or write using the following contact information:

100 Court StreetMarion, Arkansas 72364

Fax: 870-739-3287

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Crittenden County over the phone? (2021-current)   

  • For accessing arrests details and inmate search- 870-702-2080.
  • For requesting police reports and arrest records- 870-702-2010.
  • For inquiring about active warrants- 870-792-8909/870-343-2679/870-739-5411.
  • For judicial records search- 870-739-3248.
  • For victims assistance offered by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office-870-972-9593.

Crime statistics of Crittenden County

In 2019, about 410 criminal complaints were filed in Crittenden County. Around 285 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (182), burglary (83), and car thefts (21). There were 103 cases of serious assault and 9 cases of rape among the 123 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics