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Getting a Little River County arrest warrant search done on time can help you safeguard your financial interests and your loved ones. The impact of hiring a felon can be grave on any commercial venture. This is one of the main reasons why even major corporations choose to conduct inquiries into arrest records and active warrants available in the name of potential employees.

If you run a mid or small-sized establishment, you cannot afford to forego this crucial security measure. In fact, you could save yourself from heavy financial losses, a PR debacle, and from endangering the lives of your customers and colleagues. Why assume the risk when getting information on Little River County arrest warrants can be accomplished with relative ease?

You will need basic details about the subject of your inquiry. For instance, the first and last names are a must; apart from this, if you have a current address, case details, or social security number, it can help narrow down your search and get more pertinent results. Armed with this information, be prepared to visit the office of one of the agencies listed below to look for data on outstanding warrants and arrests.

While there, you will need to fill a form and inform the agency about the purpose of your inquiry. Also, you will have to incur a small cost for the search. It will rarely take the agency more than a day to respond to requests filed in person. Mail-in inquiries can, of course, take longer to handle. The addresses of the agencies that can be approached for information on Little River County active warrants are given below.

  • The police: 351 N 2nd, Ashdown, Arkansas 71822
  • The judiciary: 310 North Second Street, Ashdown, AR 71822
  • The clerk of court: 351 N. 2nd St, Ashdown, Arkansas 71822

Each year residents bring in close to 400 criminal complaints to the sheriff’s office of Little River County, Arkansas. Of these reports, about 8% are filed in matters that are of a violent nature. Generally, there has been little movement in the figures of reported crime. However, violent crime rates have grown by almost 50%.