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An outstanding warrant is a frightening prospect for anyone, not just residents of Pulaski County, AR, but understanding the legal system and public court records does not have to be overwhelming. There are methods of searching for active arrest warrants In Pulaski County that make it simple even for someone who has never been arrested before. Whether you are searching for Arkansas’ Most Wanted or a simple first-time offender warrant, the steps are easy to find what you need online in most cases.
Internet Search for Pulaski County Court Dockets and Arrest Warrants
One of the easiest ways to search for court dockets in Pulaski County is to do a traditional internet search using a website that offers access to public records. Dozens of these websites offer information related to public records, arrest warrants in particular, and most also offer links to vital statistics, background checks, crime statistics, and reverse phone lookups. Just be sure to use a trustworthy website to access information, such as a .gov address, for example.
Searching for Arrest Records in Pulaski County
The Clerk of Court can give a lot of additional information related to public records information, but keep in mind that they deal with tens of thousands of arrest warrants each year. Over a single decade alone, there are an average of nearly 38,000 violent crimes in Pulaski County, and nearly ten times that amount, including non-violent crimes. Since trends show that this number is continuing to rise year after year, it is more important than ever to know where to go for record information that may involve someone you care about.
It is usually a website that offers the most reliable information outside of the county courthouse but be careful not to trust any website’s data. Lean toward Arkansas state and Pulaski county websites or those regulated by a trustworthy authority. Otherwise, the arrest warrant information—or whatever data is being sought—could prove less than reliable.

Can you access the Pulaski County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)    

  • Want to obtain arrest records- Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 501-340-6930
  • Need to know about recent arrests- Contact the Pulaski County Jail at 501-340-7001
  • Want to ask about warrants- Call the District Court at 501-371-4739/501-982-9531/501-340-6824/501-897-4547
  • Need to obtain criminal case records- Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 501-340-8500.
  • Want more information about victim’s aid- Contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 501-340-8081.

Crime statistics of Pulaski County

In 2019, the Pulaski Sheriff’s Department dealt with 2,066 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 2033 cases registered in 2018. These included 1,638 non-violent crimes and 428 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 1,123 larceny-thefts, 353 burglaries, and 162 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses, 366 were aggravated assaults, 31 were rapes and 27 were robberies.

Older crime statistics