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Do you believe that there is someone in Marion County, AR, about whom you should do an arrest warrant search? Are you concerned that there may be an outstanding warrant with your name on it? In recent years in Marion County, on average, 150 crimes are reported to law enforcement. To obtain information about someone suspected of committing a crime or ascertain whether there is an active warrant for a specific person, contact the Marion County Sheriff.

The Marion County Sheriff maintains an office at 491 Highway 62 West (P.O. Box 366), Yellville, Arkansas 72687 (870-449-4236). Perhaps their most helpful information source is their website, is a link to the Marion County “Most Wanted” list and a list of sex offenders. However, some of the most useful information is hidden away within the FAQs section of the site. Inside that page, there is information about Marion County, AR, arrest warrants, criminal background checks, and more.

The Marion County sheriff’s office accepts telephone inquiries regarding active warrants. In fact, they are required to provide data on outstanding warrants under the Freedom of Information Act. The information provided by the Marion County sheriff on active warrants includes the name of the issuing court, the charges leading to the warrant, the date the warrant was issued, the amount of bond required, and, of course, the individual sought.

The Freedom of Information Act of Arkansas gives the residents of the state access to public records and public meetings. There are some exceptions to the law, however. Due to the Freedom of Information Act, the sheriff may disclose information they possess in their records system, including:

  • Incident/Offense Reports
  • Accident Reports
  • Jail Bookings
  • Warrant Records
  • Civil Process Records
  • Citations

However, the sheriff’s office will divulge no information, including arrest records, ongoing cases, sealed records, juvenile arrests, and other juvenile justice matters.

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Marion County over the phone? (2021-current)  

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Marion County Jail 870-449-4236.
  • To find information about arrest warrants, call the District Court 870-453-8300/870-449-6030.
  • To request victim’s assistance, call the Marion County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 870-449-6535.
  • To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at 870-445-4775.

Crime statistics of Marion County

The Sheriff’s Office of Marion County handled approximately 280 criminal matters in 2019. Of the total number of complaints filed, around 245 were against property crimes while fewer than 35 were against violent crimes.

With 150 cases, larceny-theft had the highest occurrence rate of all property crimes. Burglary brought in around 80 complaints. Aggravated assault cases formed the bulk of violent crimes at 23 incidents.