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There are many different reasons to perform an arrest warrants search in Crawford County, Arkansas, whether on yourself or someone else. It is not a malicious thing or an illegal one to search for outstanding warrants, and often a matter of personal protection—for you and for your loved ones. Simply performing a warrant search can lead to information about a person never expected, including all court records available to the public. This is very common in the following situations:

  1. Before renting or leasing a home or apartment
  2. Before renting or leasing a vehicle or heavy equipment
  3. Before granting credit, giving a loan, or offering financing
  4. Before dating or considering marriage
  5. Concerns about warrants, for yourself or others
  6. Concerns about arrest records
  7. New additions to a neighborhood, community, club, or organization
  8. Before hiring someone directly or retaining their services as contract labor
  9. For information regarding Most Wanted information, in AR or the U.S.

Someone can easily do a warrant search from any computer since dozens of websites are available for this reason. Just be sure that the warrant website is legitimate, such as a Crawford County arrest warrants search database, a State of Arkansas official website, or a website administered by the FBI. These normally feature a .gov or .org web address and are the most reliable sources of active warrants information.

Arrest warrants are public information that can also be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Court, researching court dockets, or using the County/City website to search for warrants by name. It can be a great way to learn about situations before they become dangerous, awkward, or unmanageable, but it is also a good way to find out potential arrest situations for yourself and your loved ones.

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Crawford County over the phone? (Updated-2021)            

  • Phone number for information about arrests and an inmate search- 479-474-1721.
  • Phone number of the Sheriff’s Office for requesting police reports (accident and arrest records)-479-474-2581.
  • Phone number of the District Court for a warrant search- 479-632-4170/479-369-2791/479-997-1321.
  • Phone number of the Victim-Witness Service for help offered to victims of crime- 479-474-5000.
  • Phone number of the Clerk of Court for judicial records- 479-474-1821.

Crime statistics of Crawford County

In 2019, Crawford County’s crime rate increased by 2%. Around 55 of the 309 complaints were filed against violent crimes. These involved 52 cases of physical assault, 1 case of rape and 1 case of robbery. The annual crime average included about 255 complaints of property crimes. Among these were 188 cases of larceny-theft, 37 of burglary and 29 of car theft.