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Completing an arrest record search on an individual in Logan County, AR, is a simple process that any independent party can do. Whether you are a local business owner interested in finding some background information on a potential employee or you need to acquire personal information for affirmation, a warrant search and inquiring about arrest records is the best way to go.

Before beginning your investigation, make sure you have accurate information regarding that individual, such as his full name and birth date. Remember that a warrant does not always mean that an individual is guilty of a crime. An arrest warrant is simply a judge-issued document allowing for a person’s arrest on suspicion of a crime.

There are several resources available that allow you to access outstanding warrants issued in Logan County. You may refer to hundreds of websites that will enable you to search public databases. Some of these web portals may require a fee. You should only use websites controlled by a reputable agency, such as through the sheriff’s department website. Although the local Logan County police department does not have a database search engine, you can always contact them via telephone at (479) 963-3271 or visit them at 508 West Grober Street, Paris, AR 72855. You can find out about any Logan County active warrants or history of arrest warrants at the sheriff’s office.

For information regarding current or past cases, you’ll have to visit the Clerk of Courts. You can do this in person by visiting the Booneville Court House at 461 East 5th Street Booneville, AR 72927. A search of court dockets which are records of criminal and civil cases are also available at the county’s website


From 2001 to 2008, an estimated 5,000 crimes were committed in Logan County, Arkansas, leading to thousands of arrests. Nearly three hundred of these reported crimes were violent in nature. About every twenty hours, someone becomes a victim of a crime.