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Once an AR active warrant has been issued against an accused, he will be taken into custody shortly, and that is why you should frequently get Madison County arrest warrant searches done in your name and that of new acquaintances. If you do find a directive against you, it is imperative to consult with an attorney at once.

Arrest warrants do not go away on their own; in fact, they are very serious business, and the police, as well as the judiciary, treat them as such. So, if you have managed to evade arrests, it’s probably because the police don’t have a clue about your whereabouts. However, remember that to garner the support of the public and peace officers from across the country, the sheriff’s office routinely publishes a most-wanted list.

If anybody has to call the police station stating that they have spotted an offender with an active warrant from Madison County to his name, cops will respond and come knocking at your door. If your inquiry pertains to someone else, you should definitely take a look at the page on

The advantage of looking for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Madison is that you could easily conduct your inquiry online. Although the sheriff’s site does not offer the option for person-specific name-based inquiries, you can find a list of all the arrest warrants released in the area on Alternatively, you could visit the offices given below for your search pertaining to arrests and warrants.

  • The sheriff’s department: 201 W Main St, PO Box 476, Huntsville, Arkansas 72740
  • The magistrate’s court: 201 West Main Street, Huntsville, AR 7274
  • The county clerk’s office: Corner of Court and Main Streets, Huntsville, Arkansas 72740

On average, 110 crimes are committed in Madison County, Arkansas, annually. Of these incidents, roughly 35% are violent acts. This is possibly the highest violent crime rate in the state, not in terms of the number of incidents but the percentage of the annual crime rate. These figures stood despite a drop of 3% and 15% in violent and overall crime rates.