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As a resident of Ouachita County in Arkansas, if you have an active warrant out for your arrest, you need to turn yourself in as soon as possible. When there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, law enforcement has the right to apprehend you at any location you are found in and detain you in the county jail. Yes, being arrested can be a frightening experience, especially if it’s never happened to you before. Having a warrant for your arrest in Ouachita County means that there was sufficient evidence found against you that proved that you might have committed a crime or been involved in some illegal activity.

Unfortunately, making just one mistake could put you on the wrong side of the law. An arrest warrant in Ouachita County, Arkansas, may have been issued for the following reasons:

  • Failure to appear to a scheduled court date (This warrant is called a bench warrant)
  • Parking, speeding, or other types of tickets that you haven’t paid
  • Failure to pay child support
  • A serious legal matter

For a warrant search, you can turn to the Sheriff’s department Wanted list at https://inmates.ouachitacountysheriff.org/warrants.aspx to see whether your name is listed.

To find out if you are wanted in Ouachita County, AR, you can contact your local sheriff’s office at Phone: 870-231-5300. The Sheriff on duty can inform you on whether there is really a warrant for your arrest, and they’ll also let you know the exact reason that you are wanted. You can also go down to the sheriff’s station to straighten matters out at 109 Goodgame St.Camden, AR. Remember you must be prepared to be detained and post bail before you can leave, depending upon the nature of the alleged crime.

How do I obtain arrest records and warrant information from Ouachita County over the phone? (Valid until 2021)   

  • You can call Jail Bookings for information on recent arrests- 870-231-5300
  • You can contact the District Court to obtain information on arrest warrants -870-836-0331/870-574-2900/870-786-5818.
  • You can call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for victim’s assistance- 870-836-6444.
  • You can contact the Clerk of Court for judicial records and a case search- 870-837-2230.

By looking at the crime statistics for Ouachita County, you’ll find that from 1999-2008 that there were nearly 8,000 crimes reported to the authorities. Eight hundred of those crimes were considered to be violent. In more recent years, violent natured crimes have increased by 22%.