What is you carry a gun in Pulaski County?

While Arkansas law makers are busy offering their very own interpretation of Act 746 which allows people to carry ammunition in a public place without risking arrests, Pulaski County Police have come up with their own plan to implement the law.

The legal community stands divided on whether merely carrying a weapon constitutes as intent and as such justifies arrest or if intent and the possession of a weapon should be treated exclusively of each other. In the meanwhile, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office has given its officers the liberty to decide when carrying a gun should and should not be considered a crime worthy of arrest.

Unfortunately, with no clarification forthcoming on the matter from the law makers of the state, there is nothing citizens can do but to hope that they find an officer who is having a good day when they decide to take their Glock for an outing.

However, to allay the concerns of community members, the Sheriff of Pulaski County has clarified that the officers of the department have been instructed to treat each case individually, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding it. The Sheriff said that people would only be detained if it is found that there was clear intention to use the weapon against somebody.

Yet, this begs the question how would deputies know that the carrier of the weapon intended to use it on somebody unless shots are actually fired. Another situation would be if the person carrying the weapon were to actually confess that he intends to fire it at somebody before actually doing so. But, what are the chances of something like that happening?

Considering all these factors, only one thing can be said in the matter- unless more clarification is offered on the open carry law, the police will continue to wield their authority to decide when to allow people to carry ammunition in open view and when to create an issue over it.