A High Number of Meth Arrests Takes Place in Arkansas

Based on the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, Arkansas is one of top ten states with the highest number of meth arrests and meth use. Arkansas’s recent survey has also revealed that about 10% of state residents used illegal drugs in the past 30 days.

So far, more than 50 people were arrested this year in a relation to meth. More than 20 people were apprehended in Springdale on the charges related to the same meth crime. Moreover, since the beginning of the year, UAPD has already charged 3 people with a possession of illegal substance after the officers have found meth on them.

The latest arrest took place on February 15 in Fayetteville. Two non-affiliates were charged with holding of an illegal substance, attempt to supply methamphetamine, possession of firearms, drug paraphernalia and illegal drugs. The DEA of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Ti Augustine said that they have a high number of meth arrests co-mingling with other crimes, such as property crimes, in the area. According to statistics data about 70% crimes related to property are simultaneously tied to meth.

According to the World Health Organization, methamphetamine is the second mostly abused illegal drug around the globe after marijuana and the most common synthetic drug produced in the US. Methamphetamine does not have a smell, looks white and has a bitter taste. It can be also dissolved easily in a liquid and can be injected, taken by mouth or smoking. Meth has a strong impact on the central nervous system. It causes the following short-term effects: higher physical activity, lack of appetite, irregular heartbeat, higher blood pressure, hyperthermia and etc. Long-term effects of meth use are anxiety, insomnia, serious dental problems, major weight loss, mood swings and highly violent behavior.

The majority of illegal drugs are trafficked into Arkansas. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Arkansas ranks 17th in the country for meth labarrests. Sergeant Augustine also stated that meth they deal with is often produced by amateur cooks and made in homes, garages and vehicles.

People who take meth for prolonged time suffer from hallucinations, paranoia, delusions and visual or auditory hallucinations. Washington County Detention Center Lieutenant Anthony Foster said meth has a high risk for abuse and categorized as a felony due to this risk.

According to the FBI, users between ages 18 and 35 have a higher percentage of meth use. Also, as per the NSDUH, students are less likely to use meth than those who are not enrolled in school. Only less than 3% of college students use meth. The most meth arrests happen in the University of Missouri. Missouri also has the highest number of meth arrests, overdose deaths and lab busts in the country.