Arkansas Teenagers are charged with “sexting”

Two Arkansas teenagers might be sentenced to a community service for “sexting.” In August this year Bill 829 has been passed which defined teen “sexting” as a Class A misdemeanor. Thus, now if an individual under 18 engages in sexual conversations over text messages or web chats and sends sexually explicit pictures of himself or herself to other teenagers, he or she will be charged with “sexting” and face up to 8 hours of community service.

Moreover, according to the Bill that was recently passed, both teenagers who engage in “sexting” might face criminal charges for “sexting”.

Lieutenant Michael Mundy, who is in charge of this case, stated that their police department recently had a few parents complaining that nude pictures of their children ended up on social media websites after sending them to their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Mundy also stated that despite all privacy settings, teenagers who share their sexually explicit pictures with anyone else, are at risk to see their pictures at the public websites where anyone can see them.

This particular case could be easily the first “sexting” case prosecuted in Arkansas. Lt. Mundy hopes that this law will help decrease teen sexting. Further details on this case are unavailable due to the age of the individuals involved.